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”6 Words”

I didn't choose to turn green.


Allstar heroes protecting the world
Valor in Thor, the God of Thunder
Evil trembles before the man of Iron
Natasha shoots true fearing no man
Green is the smashing Hulk, Bruce's greatest burden.
Every arrow finds it's mark from Hawkeye's bow
Running them all from one eye is Fury.
Steve, Captain American, leads the team.
Avengers, the worlds protectors.


Tony smiled at Pepper while standing on the roof of Stark Tower.

“I finally figured it out Pep,” he grinned and took off running for the edge of the roof quickly jumping off.

“TONY! STOP!” Pepper screamed and took off after him. She searched the edge around Stark tower for Tony but didn't see a trace.

“TONY!” she screamed again searching downward when suddenly a clank sounded behind her. She swirled around seeing Tony in full Iron Man armor except for the visor up to show his smirking face.

“Come on Pep, have a little faith”


The Avengers lounged back in the chairs surrounding the remains of their well-earned truck stop feast.

“Why,” Thor’s voice rumbled, “Do you call this place a greasy spoon when none of the food was greasy nor did we eat with a spoon?”

“Speak for yourself, Big Fella,” Natasha lifted her ice cream loaded spoon laden with hot fudge licked it clean and then waved it at him.

“It is an American colloquialism,” Bruce sighed, this was the tenth such comment Thor had made and his nerves had about had it.

Clinton grinned, “Well my fries were a bit greasy but just the right amount with lots of salt.”

Bruce cut Clint a look, “Don’t encourage his ignorance.”

“You dare to call me ignorant you miniscule human. I will strike you down and show you the power of Mjölnir!”

“If the hammer fits”

Thor stood and reached for his hammer but Tony quickly grabbed the God’s arm and Thor paused.

“Hold on Big Guy before we go all Thunder hammer let’s remember the big green Hulk that’s inside that miniscule human. There are many innocent people here. Remember no Hulk baiting where people can get accidentally smashed.”

Thor paused and looked at Banner remembering him morphing into the green giant monster and cooled down as he relaxed back into his chair.

“Fine,” he groused, “This thing you humans call sarcasm at time escapes me. Why do not just say what you mean?”

When Bruce opened his mouth to retort; Tony waved his index finger ‘NO’. Banner snapped his jaws shut.

Tony’s phone buzzed and he sat up out of his sprawl, “Stark.” He listened for several moments. “We’re all together,” again he listened and responded, “Eating, even Heroes got to eat,” he finished with a twist of sarcasm.

Tony stood, “That was Fury. Time to go be Heroes.”

”Three Sentences”

“I want one!”
“No Tony!”
“You're my Lover not my Mother Pepper.”


Ironman has his suit
Thor has the hammer Mjölnir
The Hulk has his smash

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Oh these are fun; I especially love the truck stop one!


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