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So no I haven't been posting. BUT THAT IS OKAY! I HAVE PLANS OK?!?!

Anyway this is a random post for any friends who like gaming. Steam has one of my favorites on sale today and I am here to say you should buy it.

It's a solo, platforming, adventure, rpg game. The world is absolutely stunning and the story is also amazing. Tons of great side quests as well and 3 difficulties to play on. The easy difficulty can be beat with some time and button mashing, but the harder ones you have to use the skills and timing (I'm on my 3rd play-through now.)

SO anyway it is called Dust: An Elysian Tail and it's 66% off costing $5.10 right now.

Look at that. Seriously gorgeous right?


And that has been Lauren's random game pimp of the day. (Also Terraria is on sale for $2.49 and is a really in depth Minecraft-esque game)

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Hello everyone how are you today/tonight/this afternoon?

I'm thinking about making a goal of posting every day in October, just cause.

I don't really have much to say though.

Gamestop is doing an event Saturday involving the release of the Jack Skellington character for Disney Infnity and there is also a really awesome poster if your one of the first but I have to be at work *sobs* Not that I need the poster but sadness. But I neeeeed Nightmare Before Christmas world damnit.

In other video game news Zelda Windwaker(the physical one) and Pokemon this month \0/ so excited.

Also Spelunky is still highly addictive, I've played 55 hours since I got it, which is a lot for me on a PC game. Still have not made it to hell though /failure

Uh, I don't think I have anything to talk about besides video games since I am still way behind on TV. OH, I did finish Major Crimes today

spoilers )

Also The Voice (which I mainly watch for the coaches interaction) had the girl who played Mary on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries tonight. Briana Cuoco.

spoiler )

Ummm...yeah that is all I got.

Have a pleasant day/afternoon/night everyone :)
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I guess I'm going to have to give up and figure out tumblr.

I miss fandom. I miss flailing. Seriously no one will talk with me about video games it makes me sad.

Ok So I need Tumblr for dummies, and holy crap that is an actual book.

Figure out who to follow, how to get followers, and how to actually converse with people.

What ad-ons I need to make it run well. And a decent layout, and the do's and don'ts of reblogging, but reblogging is the only way to comment on something. I guess if you want to have a conversation the only way is the ask box.

*smashes head* this is not a good idea, I'm already annoyed just thinking about it.

Fandom as I want it doesn't exist anymore and I am now insanely depressed.
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I've been going to update for a while but I really haven't felt very well.

First teeth update. I keep getting sores, which is to be expected, sadly I tend to get them on Friday so I have to deal till they can get me in Mon or Tues. I've been w/o my teeth all week because I have a massive sore on the top where some bone spicule or jaw bone that is spike is sort of shoving part way out of my gums and there is a giant white sore so I can't eat with my teeth in. Plus they are moving their offices this week so I can't see her till next week. So no teeth unless I go out somewhere and if I wear them I can't eat. BLAH.


I've been spending most of my time feeling pathetic and playing on my 3DS. I have Luigi's Mansion which was a Christmas present but it just came out so YAY! I'm really enjoying it, but the last world is kicking my ass. The Multiplayer is a lot of fun too, usually I don't care that much for multiplayer but I'm enjoying this one.

Slight Luigi spoilers through 4th world )

Oh if anyone want to friend me on the DS I'm: 2036-6623-4757 just leave me yours in the comments and I'll add you.

Also can anyone answer why people are so psycho protective of their Nintendo friend codes. I mean really what the hell can I do with it but maybe play a game online with'd think I was asking to trade SSN's or something.


In upcoming games I'm looking forward to Animal Crossing eventually coming out, also the new Pokemon but I really hope gameplay isn't like that first set of images they put out because I did not like that at all. I've heard good things about Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter but idk, I have the demos but haven't tried them yet. I'm also hoping Kingdom Hearts will be good.

I also ordered the Disney Infinity bonus starter pack on Amazon. I know that game is going to be a money sink but ugh it looks so good.


Ok TV time:

The Voice: Seriously the judges are love, and Blake/Adam ship themselves how can you not love it. Next season I would love to keep Shakira and have X-tina back. Usher is just boring to me, most of the time it seems like he doesn't even want to be there. Cee lo was always so excited and Usher is just like whatever.

Hannibal: I'm kind of shocked that I am liking this show so much. I don't like the guy playing Hannibal much at all, he's so...blah. But the show itself is really interesting and Hugh Dancy is always amazing. And all I have to say about last night is...Omg mushrooms.

Duck Dynasty: How the hell is this show so freaking hilarious...I can't even.

Baseball is back, it's a hard and painful life being a Cubs fan. *shakes head*


Candy Crush Saga remains an evil addictive thing of doom. I'm trapped on level 184 for days *sigh*

Ok I suppose that is enough rambling ♥


Apr. 5th, 2011 02:41 pm
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So amazon gold box lured me into buy Pokemon White and now I am entralled and can't do anything else *glares at my DS charging on the otherside of the room. I mean really it only arrived today and I've only now stopped playing cause it was yelling at me that it needed to be charged.

Me=Total Dork


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