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I haven't actually updated in forever. I keep saying I'm going to be better about it but FAIL. So lets have BULLET-POINT UPDATES!!!!

  • Ear Infections
  • - I'm over it except for the inner ear make me kind of dizzy off and on. I may have another month of that left BLAH

  • Adulting
  • - The Kitchen kinda looks rather awesome at the moment, mainly because they are coming in tomorrow to change the batteries in the hot water heater.

  • Doing New Things
  • - I went to a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday. Which also included standing in a freaking long line outside of a store at 8am and talking to strangers...okay they were all like 3 times my age but it still counts.

    Our local Joann's (a craft store) moved into a bigger building and was having their grand opening, that I went to. The first 100 people in got a $10 gift card and 1 got a $150 gift card(Sadly not me). Also if you spent at least $20 you got a free recyclable.

    I was 80 something in line so I got a card YAY, and I had one of the %50 off coupons for any 1 regular price item(cause I had to buy something I wanted that bag dangit) and I found that they had Thomas Kinkade Disney Cross-stitch with my coupon and the gift-card I got the $50 cross-stitch for $14 plus I was the first person to check out and the dude didn't realize that the bags were in 5 packs he was supposed to break open, so I got 5 bags \0/

  • Writing
  • - I've been writing...blah that is all

  • Gaming
  • - I've been playing Spelunky a lot. Freaking addictive game. I'm not very good at it, but I've gotten to the Temple level a few times so woo.

I'm sure there is more I could ramble about but my brain has lost whatever else I had to say so. *WAVES*'s 4am I should probably attempt to sleep...except every-time I close my eyes everything goes spinny again.....*sighs*


Nov. 25th, 2012 10:52 pm
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Apparently my birthday is today, at least according to LJ, even though it's the 28th but hey whatever LJ is always right you know ;)

I should be around much more now that mom is settled. For those out of the loop she had another surgery, this time removing her spleen which had doubled in size. They say there was some rare weird ass cancer that they don't even treat, except occasionally with a non-chemo pill. It's just very odd idk, the whole thing just sounds like they are making crap up. Cause the first test they said looked weird, and then the second was completely normal..*shrugs*

Even if she does have it though, it's like cancer-lite, so it's not that worrysome. I'm more worried about her pancreas freaking the hell out again.

I'll post about all my TV feels in a few days, but right now I just say *SOB 666*

Also I am in need of a landcom, though idk what is even still functioning, or about to close or what-not. I may just have to surrender and rejoin HiH since it seems to be fully functioning. Anyone got any landcom suggestions?

Also Holiday Cards I reallllly want to send a bunch out and I only have like 3 people so go and sign up, idc where you live or if you are sending out cards, I just really want to send a bunch. I may have to go check out the stocking place and send some to random people.


*snuggles friendslist*
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I'm busy but not really busy, you know?

I'm still complete disgusted with livejournal, it's more their lack of respect than anything else. I have a feeling that fandom really will leave this time, especially once DW has the import community working. LJ seems to no longer want fandom there, which is stupid, but whatever, I'll take my money elsewhere bastards.

In other news, I closed my Flourish shop. I kept going back and forth, but I kind just decided all at once about 30 minutes ago and just did it. I've lost my mojo I think.

I'm debating if I want to apply for some other mod duty at HiH, something that doesn't involve screened comments <.< I may wait and see what no one applies for and go from there. Once again no one wants Animagus it seems, which I'm not surprised, it's a whole lot of work for little reward. Being a mod period is usually a lot of work and no recognition. Plus you can't vote on Animagus apps, which at max means you losing out on up to 60 knuts a months, plus the enjoyment a lot of people get out of picking the animals for applicants. Anywho.

I got one of the Frog cards made that Christa has been doing

Awesome right?

I think I may go back to just doing challenges and not being heavily involved in anything else for a while. But next thing you know I'll be modding 5 things and in 20 lands again.

Now for the past few days of the Christmas Meme I've skipped cause of LJ annoyances.

Days 20-23 )


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