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Tv Drama Land died...I was expecting it but still sadness.

I am not going to meet my adulting goal for the month, but I have hig expectations for next month...maybe, unless I get sick again.

I got all caught up with Welcome to Night Vale. I actually really like it and thought, well that's a good tumblr fandom maybe I'll try it...not a good idea.

Apparently tumblr's WtNV fandom consists of OMG CARLOS IS BLACK! How dare you draw him white even though it's just a sketch with no coloring. You are RACIST!!!111!!1!! OMG you all are drawing Cecil white YOU ARE ALL RACIST. (Even though we have absolutely no description of Cecil and a lot of people draw him with tentacles) but yes EVERYONE IS RACIST.

*shakes head* I swear fandom didn't use to be like this. It use to be a happy fluffy place, now it seems to all be racism, SJW, and shipping wars.

I don't think I have anything else to say, I mostly just felt like posting. Well I'm down to 3 landcoms so maybe I'll actually do some of those meme's I have piled up.

*waves goodnight*

*bonus* the amount of red lines on the post from my chrome is just mesmerizing.
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I haven't actually updated in forever. I keep saying I'm going to be better about it but FAIL. So lets have BULLET-POINT UPDATES!!!!

  • Ear Infections
  • - I'm over it except for the inner ear make me kind of dizzy off and on. I may have another month of that left BLAH

  • Adulting
  • - The Kitchen kinda looks rather awesome at the moment, mainly because they are coming in tomorrow to change the batteries in the hot water heater.

  • Doing New Things
  • - I went to a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday. Which also included standing in a freaking long line outside of a store at 8am and talking to strangers...okay they were all like 3 times my age but it still counts.

    Our local Joann's (a craft store) moved into a bigger building and was having their grand opening, that I went to. The first 100 people in got a $10 gift card and 1 got a $150 gift card(Sadly not me). Also if you spent at least $20 you got a free recyclable.

    I was 80 something in line so I got a card YAY, and I had one of the %50 off coupons for any 1 regular price item(cause I had to buy something I wanted that bag dangit) and I found that they had Thomas Kinkade Disney Cross-stitch with my coupon and the gift-card I got the $50 cross-stitch for $14 plus I was the first person to check out and the dude didn't realize that the bags were in 5 packs he was supposed to break open, so I got 5 bags \0/

  • Writing
  • - I've been writing...blah that is all

  • Gaming
  • - I've been playing Spelunky a lot. Freaking addictive game. I'm not very good at it, but I've gotten to the Temple level a few times so woo.

I'm sure there is more I could ramble about but my brain has lost whatever else I had to say so. *WAVES*'s 4am I should probably attempt to sleep...except every-time I close my eyes everything goes spinny again.....*sighs*
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*waves* Hello all update time.

So as far as my teeth go they will all be pulled come 1 week from now. Kinda freaking but also excited to have them not hurt anymore. I didn't even have to fight the dentist so apparently they have degraded enough(can you imagine if I had spent 30k four years ago, I would be freaking pissed).

Also apparently everyone is cleaning up their f-list cause I've had like 4 people un-friend me, which isn't surprising since first with mom being sick, then me, now my teeth, I haven't been about much. So if you wish to un-friend me go ahead, I promise I won't pelt you with PM's about why don't you love me anymore lol.

Now for exciting things....TV!!!

The Following

I am adoring this show. I wasn't sure I would, probably because I was a bit upset that Kyra left The Closer, though I'm guessing she was ready to leave anyway or else Kevin wouldn't of signed on for a new show.

I love how much of a fanboy Mike is of Ryan. And Joe rocks the psycho serial killer role. I love most of the characters.

I read someone refer to it as a Cable show on network TV, and it really kind of is. It is a bit more graphic then what you usually see and the first episode had some animal abuse(I know a few people that turned it off because of that but it was only 1 part of the first episode) and it is very serial verses episodic, so you cannot easily jump in if you haven't watched previously. And it's a evil cliffhanger every week I swear. But the story is enthralling and the actors are amazing, even the kid actor that plays Joey is great.

I'm waiting on last nights ratings, I'm hoping it at least held even, if it can stay above 2.0 it should be safe. Though as far as fox shows go a 1.5 might keep it alive since fox has already lost Mob Doctor and Fringe's last season, also Touch is just waiting to be canceled. So I'm pretty sure it should at least get a full order 2nd season.

ETA: Prelim ratings in and it's back up to a 2.8 *dances*

The Following slight spoiler )
Monday Mornings

New show on TNT, watched all 3 episodes yesterday. It's David E. Kelley's new show, so that is a pretty good sign it's good. Basically it's about a group of surgeons at a teaching hospital and Monday mornings they get the page to go to room 311 where the head honcho rips them a new one in regards to their practices usually what caused the death of a patient. Based off of a book by Sanjay Gupta.

I'm hooked. Dr. Park is hilarious. He is very blunt, and it comes off even blunter in his "broken" English(I don't think it is really broken, I think he is more just why bother with fancy sentences). It's an emotional show, and the actors are great.

Park: Not do - dead

I've seen mostly criticism of the show, but I really like it, so *shrug*

Other little comments
Continuum - I'm 3 episodes behind. I'm liking it, but not positive about it yet, we'll see once I watch the next ones.
666 Park Avenue - I'm anxiously awaiting the airing of the last 4 episodes this summer. I neeeed the ending. Such a good show...such a waste *sigh*
Grey's Anatomy - I had stopped watching, but I picked it back up with momma to answer Viggle questions and the whole story-line is pretty good right now.
Mentalist - It is on the bubble and arggggh, they better cancel CSI-NY or The Good Wife instead or I will freak the hell out. Especially if it doesn't get an ending.
Castle - So good this season, didn't watch last night because I knew it was a 2 parted so I'm waiting for next week to watch them both. *flail*
Elementary Brilliant new show, love the actors, love the stories, love the turtle.

I'm going with daddy to see A Good Day to Die Hard in a few hours. Got to love a good Bruce Willis movie. Got a free ticket when I bought that Amazon blu-ray pack the other day. Which our theater usually gives us the $10 toward both our tickets instead of just one ticket, so we shouldn't have to pay but $5 for my ticket.

Hmmm, I suppose that's it, I've been working on adjusting the house since Dad will have to take care of everything for a couple days while I sleep off my dental mess.

Oh I noticed that there were 2 teenage cardinals dancing about around our patio/porch/balcony thing. So I dumped out some seeds on our patio table and I've been watching them come eat. Also occasion seeing a fly-by chickadee grabbing something and taking off with it.

Ok this is long enough *waves again*


Feb. 11th, 2013 01:43 pm
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I'm leaving to go to the dentist in about 15 minutes. I'm somewhere in between panic and anger.

The point of this trip to to convince him to pull out all of my teeth and give me dentures. This is a very large undertaking for someone 26 years old.

The fact is, it is the best for me for those who want my whole long story I'll put it under a cut.

Horrible Teeth history )

I think this post is just a last minute me trying to calm myself, because I KNOW, I am going to have to fight him on this. They do not like doing this to people so young. And seriously even if I had 30k to "save" my teeth, I would just put that towards getting implants. I keep arguing with him in my head, playing out all the scenarios.

Ok *breathes* wish me luck and hope I return home with news that I get to have all my teeth pulled and I don't have to find another dentist to do it.
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I'm avoiding doing stuff I need to be doing, but what else is new.

I was very productive doing Mod stuff for like 5 hours straight this morning...a lot of ctrl+f looking for names.

I've also made a bunch of headers...none of which were for me, I really need to make myself a new header. I'm actually rather burnt out on Stargate so it doesn't really fit either. I switched over to a basic layout here on DW since I didn't like how it translated here anyway.

Also community imports live on here♥♥♥ Completely awesome.

I keep thinking about getting a paid account, but I'm not sure yet. I'd hate to spend the money then everyone flee back to LJ and there isn't any point. But I love so much about DW.

I really adore the beta create entries page. MOVABLE BOXES PEOPLE SERIOUSLY.

Anywho. Lots to do tmrw. I have to get the food for New Years, and a couple other days. Deposit a check in the bank. Mail something to Norway. Finish making graphic stuff. Take down Christmas stuff(though that can wait one more day but I'd hate to be cramming everything in boxes last minute) Also the kitchen needs to be scrubbed...why do the kitchens always need to be scrubbed. It's fine, then you turn around and it's like something blew up.

Also I should find a 31 day meme to do for January. Maybe I'll actually do it and not do the whole thing on the last day, or ignore it all together.

Also *waves to new friends*


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I know, I've been completely missing unless you caught me on IM. First being sick, then Thanksgiving and then my birthday. BUSY BUSY.

Thank-you everyone that sent me Birthday well wishes :) I♥U

So I shall break this post of giantness into several cuts and you can read what you want, or just ignore the lots of it lol.

Real Life Stuffs )


I'd do a OUaT section cause OMG that show, how I love you I could ramble for hours, but I'll probably do it's own post all together so I won't yammer too much here, though I do have a question about the last episode which I put under a cut

Read more... )

Ok that question turened into a paragraph and a gif, OMG THAT SHOW.

Do I have anything else???? I think so, but I can't remember, oh well I'm sure your tired of listening to me by now *waves bye*

OH OH, wait, wait, crap it's gone again. OH I REMEMBER, LJ WAY TO GO KICKING ASS ON THAT DDOS ATTACK. Only a little bit of glitchyness. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU LJ♥


Nov. 19th, 2011 05:09 am
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So it's hogsmeade, and I find I don't particularly care, I guess I can blame still being sick, though I feel better, but only halfway through the antibiotics, which those screw with you enough there.

And a couple things really bother me, but I'll act like they don't.

I was going to stay up and do challenges, but instead I ended up watching AVPM, the uncut one of course, cause it's much more amusing with the sex jokes, which hey I made one there *snorts*

It's now 5 am, and I suppose I will sleep, and then get up in time to post the animagus activity at 2, wooo.

*sigh* maybe I'll feel more hogsmeadey tmrw
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So I have a Kidney infection, and had stones, and it hurt, and it still hurts and I want it to stop. Then cause that wasn't enough my period started. I have a ton to do and all I can think is oh god it hurts.

This has been a whiny update, that is all.
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I am so in love with Once Upon a Time....I can't even. I swear every time I see someone I'm like oooo who are they, who could they be oooooo.

While I may not have any clue what they are going to do with the show, where they are going to go, how they are going to make 4,5,6, or more seasons. I am still so in love.

Cut for spoilers from 1x03(tonights ep) and the previews with accompanying gifs )

* Edited with new gifs


Nov. 4th, 2011 08:51 am
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So looks like the first major pickups have occurred. Once Upon a Time got a full season so woot.
Also Last Man Standing which is one of the few 30 minute comedies on that I enjoy.
Revenge already had their full season which that show is just enthralling.
Sadly Pan Am only got an order for 5 more scripts, not even episodes. I was expecting it but still sad cause I really like it.

I'm a fan of tvbythenumbers cancellation odds which seem to be pretty accurate most of the time. Most of my shows seem to be pretty safe. Prime Suspects is all but sure to be canceled, but I didn't even make it all the way through the first episode of that.

Glee is sure to be renewed since even with it's 2nd lowest ratings ever it's still decent, rating wise that is. The show itself, well I could go on a huge thing about how much I'm hating it, but that rant is old. I'm not sure I'm even going to continue watching through this season so we'll see, I keep hoping, but it just doesn't have that feeling it used to.

Now Tera Nova, it may be on the bubble, while Fringe seems the more likely candidate to be canceled, if anything will on fox, part of me thinks they will hold on the the Fringe franchise, verses the new one.

A Gifted Man's chances are not looking promising, and Person of Interest and Unforgettable are both "bubble" shows, all three of which I'm rather fond of.

And ok that's more then enough of my pickup/cancellation ramblings.
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I'm bored so you get an update.

  • Sleeping pills are supposed to make you sleep 8 hours, not 3. Though I half slept for another 3.

  • I do not like regular socks, I think cause I don't like having my toes stuck together. I need to buy some toe socks, cause my feet are COLD. But if I turn the heater up anymore it makes it way too hot in here BLAH

  • secret to getting people to order from your shop? Darren Criss lol

  • I have a woot shirt addiction, I want to order todays too but I'm resisting

  • It's raining and I want to go grocery shopping...STOP RAINING.

  • I can't play golf solitaire without thinking of Ten/Jack....they totally planned that.

  • I am hungry, but I have no food, note the need for grocery shopping STOP RAINING

  • October was a major fail participation month in HiH for me, I'm blaming the lack of computer for half of it, but even now I don't really wanna do what I can do.

  • BUT Month activity awesomeness time again WOO

  • I like bullet-points...and spreadsheets

  • That is all
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    I have so much to catch up on.

    I completely failed knight week but that is ok, just bad timing I KILL IT NEXT TIME AGAIN

    I did get to go to part of the movie night till I passed out during chat.

    I've been cleaning all day wooo cleaning *bangs head*

    Tons on Animagus stuff to do, I'm going I'm going dangit.

    I also have a major update for my shop coming if I can finish it but have to finish animagus stuff first(I TOLD YOU I'M GOING)

    there was something else but now I can't remember what it was......
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    • I HAVE A DISC OUT AND IT HURTS. when I move, bend, breathe wrong PAIN

    • said disC went back in yesterday ONLY TO COME BACK OUT DAMN YOU

    • MY SLEEPY PILL/MUSCLE RELAXER NO WORKY so now I'm woozy can't sleep and still IN PAIN

    • I HAVE READ ALL GOOD IN PLAIN SITE FANFIC, I AM NOW READING THE BAD STUFF /NEED MARSHALL MARY GOODNESS PEOPLE especially baby dram stuff, seriously it's like crack to me

    • I have missed a ton of HiH stuff, HAVING NO OWN COMPUTER SUCK



    • Mom and I should both be able to be fully set up for sewing/cross-stitch mania soon





    • <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • THE END


    Sep. 28th, 2011 04:56 pm
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    So the latest landcom secrets are up, and meanness abounds lmao. If these are the non-mean one's I'd hate to see what the mean ones look like.

    One is about being a fail team leader. Which I am, but it's hard to be a team leader, when the team doesn't seem to care. *shrugs* But I've dropped one of my two, and I'm going to drop the other. Though I don't think that secret was about me personally...though it could of been I suppose.

    Ah well, I've been thinking of dropping more coms, actually I've been thinking of dropping everything but HiH. I'm just not really enjoying landcoms much anymore, it all feels so repetitive, most times when I see a new challenge in my inbox I'm like ughhh.

    Also I've lost my love for a lot of those shows too, NCIS I haven't liked the past 2 season, I'm not even watching it anymore, Farscape idk I go through phases with it where I really like the show, but it's hard with a off air show.

    I'm rambling, anyway, I'll probably do a sum up of all the new shows and how I like them in a couple days.

    /ends pointless rambling

    ETA: Ok I have to decided to go on mass hiatus from landcoms for Ocotber, get back in the zone, calm, ext. Hopefully I'll be back full force come November♥

    Minus HiH I'll be full force there, I can't quit everything after all, this is me we are talking about lmao
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    So tomorrow is the start of hogsmeade....
    I'd like to go for superawesome participation but there is a writing activity that is just...
    I don't write and having to write 6 300 word fics is just....
    there are a lot of writing activities this time.

    I'm not really looking forward to it this time which is sad, I was really excited last time :(

    I need to finish my stall. Edited because my mother thinks I'm too self-deprecating

    Also I think there are challenges...I don't even know at this point so lost.

    In happier news I picked my animagus form and got my banner.


    Sep. 20th, 2011 05:17 pm
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    Well I am getting no Inbox notifications, not IM notifications, no notifications of any kind at all from LJ. Nothing on LJ is working right at all for me *stabs it*

    I have finished like none of my to do list, at this point I'm completely lost again cause I can't get LJ to work right.

    *goes back to making a million hogsmeade tags*

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    So I have no idea what is due in any of my landcoms

    I have missed a ton of challenges

    I seriously have no clue which way is up

    I have looked up so many animals idk what is what anymore

    I have made so many sigtags omg

    I gave away my Gryff pottermore to a friend so I'm just using the Hufflepuff one now

    I'm IceGoblet10 so I'v added everyone I was friends on the old account to this one so if you got a request that's me. Anyone else feel free to add me, I'll be about until I finally tire of making potions(freaking addictive omg)

    umm ok I'm going to bed now...I think that's enough rambling
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    Ok Ok I know I said I wasn't going to post anymore on pottermore but I can't help it people are SO INSANE. Seriously people are acting like JK walked up to them put a real sorting hat on their head and said YOU ARE THIS.

    I hate to break it to you but
    1) most likely, knowing how media websites work, she didn't have a whole lot to do with it, she gave them the info and sony ran with it(No I don't know this for a fact, yes jk could of coded the entire thing herself idk)
    2)Hogwarts aint real
    3)These houses, they aint real
    4)This site was designed for kids/teenagers
    5)It's a game, if you really think that there is nothing keeping the houses even or anything of that sort going on your deluded(or hey I'm overly pessimistic there goes my puffness)
    6) JK is not a god believe it or not. She wrote and incredibly successful series of childrens books which I enjoyed but I'm not going to start worshiping her like a golden cow.
    7) CALM DOWN I mean seriously the world isn't going to end if you don't get sorted right. You can always go back come october.

    I am a Hufflepuff big time. I have Ravenclaw tendancies. I also have a Slytherin side though most don't see it. I also am a lazy/procrastinator like the Gryffs. Any person can easily fit in any house.

    Feel free to start crucifying me now the line forms there *points*


    Aug. 31st, 2011 10:21 pm
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    I got in queue for a HiH shop. I'm 3rd atm since one of the puff shops just went to slytherin. So probably a month or so I would guess.

    I'm hoping once the new term starts I'll get more flaily again. I'm kinda meh atm.

    I'm also incredibly lonely cause no one seems to be on anymore. I guess cause school is starting back up.

    And my S key has stopped working the sensor is broke or something, so I had to order a new keyboard cause using the onscreen one sucks. Also my alt key is screwy so it only works half of the time now so using alt code for it is useless.


    This entry has been brought to you by extreme bordem and the not letter S
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    SO I'm cramping to death wooo.

    Also I got animagus co-mod for HiH, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm excited. I've also been making tag banners thinking about getting in queue for a shop, but everyone knows I think I suck so we'll see if that ever actually happens. Mainly cause I will literally probably cry when no one orders from me. /has serious fear of rejection issues

    Also every time I see someone go OMG I got into pottermore I kinda want to stab them with a rusty spork. Which is weird cause I don't particularly care all that much cause judging by what I've seen I'm going to bore of it quick.

    And no one is on AIM anymore and it's making me incredibly sad, I have no one to talk to it's depressing.

    Also I have some banners I got to show off. I got nominated for a couple things, I won't win but it's nice someone thought of me.(And be mean and not cut it but it's only 6 so not that evil)

    ALSO new stargate teams, very exciting woo. I'm team Scientist, and Gate team 1(which is the OMG you people never do anything team) so I'm sure I'll want to kill everyone, or just stop caring at all lol.

    ANyway I guess that's all...*FLAILS*


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