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Tv Drama Land died...I was expecting it but still sadness.

I am not going to meet my adulting goal for the month, but I have hig expectations for next month...maybe, unless I get sick again.

I got all caught up with Welcome to Night Vale. I actually really like it and thought, well that's a good tumblr fandom maybe I'll try it...not a good idea.

Apparently tumblr's WtNV fandom consists of OMG CARLOS IS BLACK! How dare you draw him white even though it's just a sketch with no coloring. You are RACIST!!!111!!1!! OMG you all are drawing Cecil white YOU ARE ALL RACIST. (Even though we have absolutely no description of Cecil and a lot of people draw him with tentacles) but yes EVERYONE IS RACIST.

*shakes head* I swear fandom didn't use to be like this. It use to be a happy fluffy place, now it seems to all be racism, SJW, and shipping wars.

I don't think I have anything else to say, I mostly just felt like posting. Well I'm down to 3 landcoms so maybe I'll actually do some of those meme's I have piled up.

*waves goodnight*

*bonus* the amount of red lines on the post from my chrome is just mesmerizing.
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