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Title: Hollow
Prompt: Destined to Die & Hero
Bonus? No
Word Count: 357
Rating: PG-13
Original/Fandom: Original/Mythology
Pairings (if any): N/A
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): N/A
Summary: A mothers prayer to save her son

He was born quietly
still as death
His mother sent a prayer
to the Gods up above
swearing to dedicate him
to whichever God would aid
her silent, empty baby
laying so very still

Athena appeared quickly
waving a hand in the air
she said that He was hers now
death only postponed
He would be her Hero
when that day would come

His mother grabbed him quickly
crying in relief
agreeing to Athena's terms
not knowing what it would mean

The young child, he grew quickly
strong and brave and wise
his mother loved him dearly
and feared for her boys life

As he grew even older
becoming a strong man
His mother decided there had to be
a way around Athena's plan

She had them pack up everything
and head away from Greece
believing if they could escape
her boys life might be free

While crossing the Pinios
a river fast and deep
a group of bandits cornered them
to take all they could see

Her stupid silly son
determined to protect
threw himself at the bandits
only a rock in his hand

The battle wasn't very long
as her son killed one and two
until just one remained
the largest of the four

A knife it quickly sliced
through her sons flesh
blood flowed out quickly
as her son smashed his attackers head

All bandits lay dead
and her precious son dying too
She cried out to the Gods again
Athena appearing in glowing light

Your son has done his job
those men had killed many before
I told you his life was mine
and now I hand it to Hades

His mother cried and begged
but Athena did not waver
she disappeared like she came
leaving them fading

His mother sobbed
held her boy
as he slowly died

he told her not to fear
that he had done his duty
and that she would be alright

He kissed her hand
and faded away
leaving her alone again

And she sat there hollow
as the day her boy was born
wondering if she did the right thing
saving him just to die again
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