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I have worked the past 3 days. I am tired...and I can still smell smoke.

Usually only work 1 day a week, boss lady on vacation so extra hours. Also working next Saturday...not looking forward to a Saturday.

3 Days of basically coming home and collapsing means I have no idea what is going on or due in my landcoms. I'm not sure how that is possible after only 3 days but it blah.

Hello Listeners,

I haven't started watching Fall TV, still need to clear out some summer shows and a couple of last seasons finales like 6 episodes of Grey's but I've heard ood things about Sleepy Hollow so I'm excited for that. Hopefully can clear out a chunk of stuff over the next couple of days.

I've started listening to "Welcome to Night Vale." It's interesting, some episodes are really, really good, some I have to keep rewinding because I zone out. I'm listening to episode 16 - The Phone Call right now.

My favorite episodes have been the Glow Cloud, Station Management, The Shape in Grove Park, and A Story About You. I saw that he is supposedly writing a follow up to A Story About You which YAY!

I tend to skip over the weather though, occasionally the music with catch me, but not often.

Cecil is kinda a teenage girl right now as I am listening...*facepalm* secondhand embarrassment for fiction characters FUN!

Ummm, I want to start my cross stitching, I have so much I want to do but I really need to clean up before I let myself get enthralled in projects, also I have been avoiding my new video games so not to get enthralled there either.

Is that enough random info for everyone? Yes? Yes? Ok.
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