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I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, with this ear infection building for a week having me feel like crap, plus being able to do anything since I was actually diagnosed, well blah. But I still managed a bit before then.

Track your spending for 3 days - This one was easy as I tend to do this anyway, but I kept an eye on everything, most of what I spent went through Amazon because I have Prime and yeah, all my little things go through that.

Save 5 Dollars - I have a savings account so that was an easy thing to just move $5 over into.

Read a Random Wikipedia Article - I actually easily get rapped in the Wikipedia information web of doom. The last random one I did was about the Canary rockfish. It looks kinda like a giant oblong goldfish :)

Recycle Something - I pretty much do this all the time. Drink cans and bottles, and all paper and cardboard. We have a great single stream recycle drop off here at the apartments.

Try and new recipe - I did my first attempt at a stir fry and it turned out DELICIOUS!

Visit a New Neighborhood - Surprisingly there are some areas around here I have never been to so I drove around about a 15 minute loop by the lake I had never been to. And wow it was just so high end awesome area, though the little area they call a park should not be called a park, it is 3 covered picnic areas and a bench...nope not a park.

Vacuum/Sweep - I Vacuumed up a bunch of ant...we had a small infestation problem *glares* I also swept up the kitchen.

FREE SPACE - I reorganized the pantry closets and cleaned them out and tossed out some weevil infested pasta damnit

Give up a beloved Junk food for 3 days - I gave up slim made me very sad.

Write 100 words about anything - I wrote a couple of fanfic drabbles, I don't really like to write very much because grammar is not my friend, but I really should do more.

Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone - I am seriously socially panic attacky. Aka the first time I attempted to go to the island with strangers on Animal Crossing I shut off my game when I saw a person. So I actually went back and played with someone for a while.

Read a Book - I'm not sure if this one fully counts because I haven't finished the book yet, but I have stared reading the "In Death" series J. D. Robb. "Naked in Death" is the first one.

Keep A Dream Journal for 1 Week - Before I started this I read about the reasons for keeping a dream journal and discovered on of the main reasons was to attempt to be able to "lucid dream"...which I kinda do naturally, not all the time but on occasion. The only thing I discovered while doing the journal was that my dreams are very influenced by what I do during the day, and also are really freaking weird.

Find a Bargain - Ok bargain are my freaking thing, I am a clearance bin shopper. Amazon had a great sale on some board games I've been wanting so I'm psyched about that. And my pre-order price of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is locked in at $20 cheaper then what it is selling for now \0/

Eat 5 fruits/Veggies in 1 day - This one is kinda hard for me for 2 reasons. 1 fruits and veggies are damn expensive. 2 it is rare if I eat 3 times a day let alone 5. But I managed this twice, once with mostly all veggies, and another with all fruits.

Know your credit report - I checked and it had in fact been a year since I got my last free report so I pulled it again. Everything looked good I only have 1 flaw and it'll be gone the end of the year. (Stupid medical bill I paid but they say I didn't) But according to anytime I've had to have it pulled they always say it looks good so go me.

Listen to a Different Radio Station - I have a few I listen to regularly, but I spent a couple hours listening to a local classical station.

Evaluate your Assets - I don't really have a ton but I took stock of what I did have.

So While I didn't get as much done as I would have liked I did manage 18/25

*Edited twice cause I forgot to write about a couple lol*
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