Apr. 15th, 2013

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Just got a note in the door that tmrw they are changing the air filters in the apartment and the "annual inspection" which I wasn't aware we ever had before.

It now being 5:30pm, the house is a wreck, I'm cramping something horrible as in can barely walk, but now I have to scrub the house in 14 hours. Along with the fact I have a dentist appointment in the morning to fix my dentures because I haven't been able to wear them in a week, and I planned to go food shopping after, but I need to be here for when they come. Plus they are supposed to give a minimum of 24 hours notice, so really thanks for that.

And any time I get aggravated or want to be pissed about it I think about what happened in Boston and it makes me feel guilty for worrying about my crap. (I have serious guilt issues)

Also this is all over FB but I'm going to post it here too.


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