Feb. 19th, 2013

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*waves* Hello all update time.

So as far as my teeth go they will all be pulled come 1 week from now. Kinda freaking but also excited to have them not hurt anymore. I didn't even have to fight the dentist so apparently they have degraded enough(can you imagine if I had spent 30k four years ago, I would be freaking pissed).

Also apparently everyone is cleaning up their f-list cause I've had like 4 people un-friend me, which isn't surprising since first with mom being sick, then me, now my teeth, I haven't been about much. So if you wish to un-friend me go ahead, I promise I won't pelt you with PM's about why don't you love me anymore lol.

Now for exciting things....TV!!!

The Following

I am adoring this show. I wasn't sure I would, probably because I was a bit upset that Kyra left The Closer, though I'm guessing she was ready to leave anyway or else Kevin wouldn't of signed on for a new show.

I love how much of a fanboy Mike is of Ryan. And Joe rocks the psycho serial killer role. I love most of the characters.

I read someone refer to it as a Cable show on network TV, and it really kind of is. It is a bit more graphic then what you usually see and the first episode had some animal abuse(I know a few people that turned it off because of that but it was only 1 part of the first episode) and it is very serial verses episodic, so you cannot easily jump in if you haven't watched previously. And it's a evil cliffhanger every week I swear. But the story is enthralling and the actors are amazing, even the kid actor that plays Joey is great.

I'm waiting on last nights ratings, I'm hoping it at least held even, if it can stay above 2.0 it should be safe. Though as far as fox shows go a 1.5 might keep it alive since fox has already lost Mob Doctor and Fringe's last season, also Touch is just waiting to be canceled. So I'm pretty sure it should at least get a full order 2nd season.

ETA: Prelim ratings in and it's back up to a 2.8 *dances*

The Following slight spoiler )
Monday Mornings

New show on TNT, watched all 3 episodes yesterday. It's David E. Kelley's new show, so that is a pretty good sign it's good. Basically it's about a group of surgeons at a teaching hospital and Monday mornings they get the page to go to room 311 where the head honcho rips them a new one in regards to their practices usually what caused the death of a patient. Based off of a book by Sanjay Gupta.

I'm hooked. Dr. Park is hilarious. He is very blunt, and it comes off even blunter in his "broken" English(I don't think it is really broken, I think he is more just why bother with fancy sentences). It's an emotional show, and the actors are great.

Park: Not do - dead

I've seen mostly criticism of the show, but I really like it, so *shrug*

Other little comments
Continuum - I'm 3 episodes behind. I'm liking it, but not positive about it yet, we'll see once I watch the next ones.
666 Park Avenue - I'm anxiously awaiting the airing of the last 4 episodes this summer. I neeeed the ending. Such a good show...such a waste *sigh*
Grey's Anatomy - I had stopped watching, but I picked it back up with momma to answer Viggle questions and the whole story-line is pretty good right now.
Mentalist - It is on the bubble and arggggh, they better cancel CSI-NY or The Good Wife instead or I will freak the hell out. Especially if it doesn't get an ending.
Castle - So good this season, didn't watch last night because I knew it was a 2 parted so I'm waiting for next week to watch them both. *flail*
Elementary Brilliant new show, love the actors, love the stories, love the turtle.

I'm going with daddy to see A Good Day to Die Hard in a few hours. Got to love a good Bruce Willis movie. Got a free ticket when I bought that Amazon blu-ray pack the other day. Which our theater usually gives us the $10 toward both our tickets instead of just one ticket, so we shouldn't have to pay but $5 for my ticket.

Hmmm, I suppose that's it, I've been working on adjusting the house since Dad will have to take care of everything for a couple days while I sleep off my dental mess.

Oh I noticed that there were 2 teenage cardinals dancing about around our patio/porch/balcony thing. So I dumped out some seeds on our patio table and I've been watching them come eat. Also occasion seeing a fly-by chickadee grabbing something and taking off with it.

Ok this is long enough *waves again*


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